Otakpróp is a portmanteau of Otaku and Propaganda. The original name was supposed to be Propaganda of the Weeb but my friend warned that might get me listed as a suspicious person.


I feel an emptiness. This space is hereby declared to be my personal infodumping arena.

Approaching the end of my university, I am exploring ways to not allow school to be my sole identity. It has been a gruelling 4 or 5 years depending if I include my burnout year, and I still have not found what to do with my life. I am hoping to make a sort of Commonplace blog here to keep track of thoughts and activities I am willing to publish online. I only realised Neocities exists today (2023-12-21). I have nostalgia for the old web I grew up in but only started actively participating during its end. Compared to social media platforms, the minimal of HTML allows for exploring maximally. I want to construct again. I am tired of consumption.

I want to take care of the child that I was, the one who survived. She explored and shared heaps; thus I will too.

Self introduction

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