"Y2K" Labelling

Good day everyone! I got these Avery label tabs from the thrift shop but the instructions given for the labels were only for MS Word 7.0, 97 and 2000 and Corel. I only have StarOffice/OpenOffice and I cannot seem to find the template they are talking about. The instructions are attached. I am still running Windows 95 so please keep that in mind. What else is everybody else's plan for 2003?
Me annoyingly messaging my friends as I pretend I was from 2003. Photo of the instructions in front of my laptop.

In all seriousness, I passed by a thrift store in a horribly unwalkable part of my city after dropping off some electronics at a recycling depot.

Dropping by a thrift shop today, I ran across some Avery 11406 dividers and labels - from the early 2000s. Such a measly common product but there was something charming from the instruction pamphlet: saturated tint yet faded by time; chemically filmed graphics of beige computers and beige shirt sleeves; accessing templates in Microsoft Word 97 and 2000.

Templates are also available online outside of the Avery website. Just make sure to turn off the borders to invisible so they would not show up in printing (whoops!). There is a charm that is currently not accessible with current stuffs, but today's current stuff might have in 20 years. Or perhaps not as we approached a stalely "optimised" world of commerce; no space for mistakes. This is not to approach previous era as some glorious past. Rather, I admire collecting some past for its experimentation in the hopes of experimentation for the future.

I got some labels printed, albeit accidentally printed the borders too. To my surprise, Avery 11406 are transparent stickers! My innefficient inkjet printer successfully laid its ink on it and I applied the labels on the dividers that came with it. The dividers were used to organise last year's mid year Day Hospital.

* * *